HTC One X used as a hammer and survives

HTC One X used as hammer

HTC One X used as hammer

Traditionally, durability tests of electronic devices are conducted through “drop tests”, which involves consciously dropping the device on the ground from around 6 feet, then analyzing the damages it has taken. A couple Taiwanese guys decided to take the whole durability test to new level by using an HTC One X as a hammer.

Be forewarned. If you are a proud HTC One X owner, I do not recommend you watching this. It’s quite painful to see such a beautifully crafted device hammering down a nail. Certainly the One X was beaten pretty bad, more so than it ever will in its life in someone’s pocket, but it goes to show how durable this device really is when used as a tool. There are other factors to test the durability, such as dropping it on a corner, where many devices displays tend to crack, but that can be saved for another day.

The victory definitely goes to the HTC One X with Corning’s Gorilla Glass.