Samsung sells 30 million Galaxy S IIIs in 5 months

30 million Galaxy S IIIs sold worldwide

Samsung has become the most popular OEM for making popular Android smartphones. They have been incredibly successful with the little robot we all have come to love or hate, dishing out smartphones like the original Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, and the Galaxy S III into many consumers pockets. Samsung has been very kind to public and shared some figures on just how many Galaxy S IIIs have been sold in the first five months of their existence. Over 30 million to be exact. While these numbers seem quite small when compared to the iPhone as an individual model, it is nothing to look ignore.

Based on a chart provided by Samsung over at Samsung Tomorrow, an S III is sold every 45 seconds. Samsung has sold enough S IIIs to cover the surface area of 12 Colosseums, which combined weigh as much as 100 Humpback Whales, and stacked on end would be roughly 29 Mount Everests tall — for those who want a more visual on how many 30 million units actually amount to in a physical level.

At this point we expect to see the Galaxy S III to continue to sell well with Christmas just around the corner. We don’t expect to see the Galaxy S IV until Mobile World Congress 2013 but we do expect to see some Samsung-related news this year. According to a report from The Australian Channel News, sources based in Asia have said Samsung will be revealing a complete brand refresh this coming January — we are extremely excited to see what the Korean company has in store for each of its divisions.

The rebranding effort will be led by Scott Bedbury, who is famous for working with large global iconic brands like Nike and Starbucks among other companies. Samsung has goals to break out of the Asian market and make a statement to the world that they are a global force to be reckoned with. There is no doubt the company has a lot of influence in many countries around the world.