Android 4.4.1 addresses Nexus 5 camera performance issues


It looks like Google is preparing an update to roll out an Android 4.4.1 update after complaints about the Nexus 5’s camera performance issues. The update will address autofocus, white balancing and more. According to the report, the update will begin rolling out OTA soon, another pro to owning a Nexus device.

Google officially announced that Android 4.4.1 for the Nexus 5 will be rolling out today, December 5. The company has confirmed that the update will be refining its camera performance for the Nexus 5, including increase in autofocus speeds, faster white balancing, less shutter lag and an the new addition of pinch-to-zoom while in HDR+ mode.

Numerically the update for the Nexus 5 may seem insignificant, but this bump to Android 4.4.1 sounds like it could have major user experience improvements for the Nexus 5. For those who are heavily into Instagram with their Nexus 5, this update is probably the most important one. However Google did not mention anything about improving battery life with this update. Perhaps the 4.4.2 will address the battery life and complete the Nexus experience.

Via: AndroidAndMe
Source: +Nexus