Apple says 74% of its devices are running iOS 7


While Samsung has been making the news as of late, Apple seems to be building success from behind the scenes. Apple has put together a diagram demonstrating what version of iOS its customers are using. This is similar to Google’s Android distribution chart.

Following the release of the iPhone 5c and 5s, Apple reported its newly redesigned mobile operating system experienced a huge jump to 64% adoption of iOS 7, which CEO Tim Cook said it was “the fastest software upgrade in history.”

Below is the diagram Apple made to showoff its amazing rate of upgrades from iOS 6, which is still installed on 22% of devices. Of course it will take time before the non-tech savvy users will discover the update in their settings while 4% are stuck in prehistoric iOS (to be humorous.)


Now that we are three months in, Apple has collected data from the App Store and it shows that 74% of devices were running on the latest operating system, a 10% increase in around a month. We are thinking that the 22% may be debating on whether or not to upgrade from iOS 6. It’s pretty common knowledge now that there is a divide within the Apple community as some do not agree with the direction Mr. Ives and company took with the operating system.