Japan is the biggest spender in iOS and Google Play


According to recent reports, Japan loves iOS devices. A study showed that it is the only country where iOS had a larger marketshare than Android with more than 60 percent. The report also showed that a majority of all the top smartphones and tablets in Japan are all Apple devices. In terms of app purchases the country is also a dominant one as well. The country looks like they love both the iOS App Store and Google Play.

According to the data from App Annie, Japan has grown exponentially in the last year and is now the biggest spender in app stores.

In October 2012, Japan averaged about a combined monthly revenue of $100 million for both iOS and Android. As for October 2013, the number has skyrocketed to just under $350 million. In comparison during the same time, the United States grew from about $175 million in combined revenue to just over $300 million, which is still quite a bit less in comparison to Japan.

Although Apple devices dominate the Japanese market, Google Play is on an equal level playing field in terms of revenue in the country. Google has caught up and is the only market Google Play earns as much as the iOS App Store. It just shows that the fewer number of users with Android devices are spending a lot of money.

With how things are trending right now and if the data collected is accurate, Japan will again reign supreme in app store revenue compared other regions of the world. With more apps being submitted to the App Store and Google Play each year, we expect app purchases to grow even more.

What are your spending habits for iOS or Android apps? which apps are your favourite? Leave your comments down below.

via AllThingsD